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Discover the first Personal Trainers online platform to learn languages.

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From pronunciation to language learning.

Forvo Academy facilitates language teaching and learning in a completely customised and rigorous way. Whether you’re teaching or learning!


If you want to learn a language, become a Forver

Feel free to schedule your sessions with a native Personal Trainer that best suits your time-table.

An on-going learning process that measures your goals according to your objective, so you can make the most of each session.

Customised Study Programme which contains a training plan designed by a certified Personal Trainer.


If you want to teach, become a Personal Trainer

Schedule your sessions in your own way. Make a living being your boss!

Get in touch with Forvers that match your skills. We want to be the place where the best teachers want to stay.

Tools and resources so you can prepare the best Training Plans.

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